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"Cape Ashley" Skipper Dwight Spence, Port Aux Choix, Newfoundland

Efficient and Versatile

The Bison door is individually designed to suit your fishing requirements. They take your needs and split it two ways to...+ continue reading

Crimond Nova Groundfish Trawl with Kite. The Crimond Nova Series Groundfish Trawls were devloped to come over hard ground and are rigged with Rockhopper Footgear or Bobbins They were originally...+ continue reading

FPI Scottish Seiner "Newfoundland Alert"

There has been a reduction in the number of Seiners in Scotland at this time, but there is a renewed interest, especially by France and Holland, to change to this method as it has a drastically...+ continue reading

Shrimp Grader Grids
Grid Installation Adjustment

Crimond manufactures Grids with a variety of bar spacings especially to the DFO Canada Regulations. We also supply Rectangular Grids and Oval Grids to customer requirements.
We have been in...+ continue reading

We supply Trawl Warps the following is a sample of Types and Sizes.

  • Rubber Covered Wire Bridles and Sweeps
  • Wire Pennants
  • Combination Wire Bridles
  • ...+ continue reading
Fume Tank Testing of Horizontal Separator

Concept and History of the Horizontal Separator Panel
Most of the selective devices and gears have been designed and developed from fishermens ideas....+ continue reading

MV "Northern Eagle" Canadian Shrimp Trawler

ULTRA CROSS ® Netting is a highly advanced 4 strand, braided, continuous monofilament, knotless netting used for heavy duty commercial fishing applications. With our patented manufacturing process...+ continue reading

We have Competitive Prices on the Following Items
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...+ continue reading

Crimond manufactures Scramble Nets, Cargo Nets, Scallop Backs, Landfill Nets, and Sports Nets in a variety of materials and sizes, all to customers specifications.+ continue reading

About Us

Canadian owned, Crimond Enterprises Ltd.
is a unique kind of fishing gear company offering a comprehensive range of products, equipment and ideas to the mobile, and fixed gear sectors of the Fishing Industry. We specialize in the design and construction of species selective fishing gear and selectivity devices.

Head Office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
133 Ilsley Avenue, Unit OO
Dartmouth NS
Canada B3B 1S9
Tel: +1 902 468-1355
Fax: +1 902 468-1355

Conservation & Selectivity Devices

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