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Ancillary Equipment


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  • Trawls and Spares
  • Trawl Repairs by Experienced Netmakers
  • Rock-Hoppers and Rubber Discs
  • Groundgear. (Bobbins or Rock-Hoppers)
  • Bridles and Sweeps (Wire or Combination)
  • Netting Polyethylene or Dyneema/Spectra
  • Codends Square or Diamond Mesh
  • Twine
  • Floats
  • Grid Systems for Shrimp, Ground-fish, or Silver Hake
  • Hardware
  • Trawl Doors and Hardened Keels
  • Complete fishing systems from the Winch to the Codend.


About Us

Canadian owned, Crimond Enterprises Ltd.
is a unique kind of fishing gear company offering a comprehensive range of products, equipment and ideas to the mobile, and fixed gear sectors of the Fishing Industry. We specialize in the design and construction of species selective fishing gear and selectivity devices.

Head Office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
133 Ilsley Avenue, Unit OO
Dartmouth NS
Canada B3B 1S9
Tel: +1 902 468-1355
Fax: +1 902 468-1355

Conservation & Selectivity Devices

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