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Ancillary Equipment


Crimond Enterprises Ltd.
markets a wide range of ancillary equipment, including Bison doors, at competitive prices. The Bison door is individually designed to suit your fishing requirements.  They take your needs and split it two ways to produce an efficient shape for fuel economy, and to produce a door of a certain weight, size and balance to provide the best catching potential.

Why are Bison doors so different?

They specialize in manufacturing trawl doors, and are continually carrying out research, working on board trawlers of different nations, and keeping in close contact with Skippers/Captains.

The believe trawl doors have to be individually designed for different areas and type of work.  The fishing results of the Bison door have proved this beyond doubt.

The underwater video filming has been invaluable in their research, and proves that the Bison door is so steady and stable on the bottom, even on the roughest ground, or peaks, with excellent ground contact, and yet the door is good on mud as hard ground, and can be used in shallow water to very deep.

Information we need to know from you:

  1. What species you intend to catch
  2. Expected towing speed or range of speeds
  3. Warp diameter, and length: depth ratio
  4. Approximate depth, or depths
  5. Type of ground, or grounds
  6. Sweep/bridle length, type and diameter (distance of door from wind end)
  7. Ground gear
  8. Net
  9. Present size, weight and type of door used
  10. Any difficulties with present doors.  Underspread, overspread, strong tides, catch rate, etc.
  11. HP and reduction gear

Trawl doors are very important for successful fishing, and this is why we need as much information form you as possible, so we can computer the correct door for you application.  

Call on Crimond Enterprises Ltd. Limited to offer advice, and to provide excellent technical back-up services.

About Us

Canadian owned, Crimond Enterprises Ltd.
is a unique kind of fishing gear company offering a comprehensive range of products, equipment and ideas to the mobile, and fixed gear sectors of the Fishing Industry. We specialize in the design and construction of species selective fishing gear and selectivity devices.

Head Office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
133 Ilsley Avenue, Unit OO
Dartmouth NS
Canada B3B 1S9
Tel: +1 902 468-1355
Fax: +1 902 468-1355

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